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Hey, I am Angelina and I do videos.


I do believe that everything around us is beautiful.

Every single line, every corner, every single face.

The emotions, experiences, and stories 

Every aspect of our existence.


I am glad to share my long journey started with idea, concept, vision and the frames - as a portal to a new dimensions. As a possibility to attune to the details that often go unnoticed.


As a chance for me to craft a vision that will resonate deep within your soul!


Scroll down.

I wanna know what you think.

REEL estate

With the rise of social media platforms, visual content has become central to online interactions.

Unfolds with attention to minor details, concept, content, location and detailed action plan. 

Crafted with love and aspiration - it all starts from IDEA.

My goal? Is to grab your attention and take it all the way through the visual journey of each frame.

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They provide a physical anchor in the world

Find comfort and create a sense of self.

Our living spaces reflect our personal tastes, values, and aspirations.

A place where we can express ourselves

Explore the existential dimensions of real estate through my vision.

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AD Artworks

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